Why Choose Arabian Star For Tyre Shopping?

Arabian Star is the best car tyre shop in Abu Dhabi for various automobiles in the United Arab Emirates. We have a wide assortment of products: bike tyres, two-wheeler tyres, three-wheeler tyres, passenger vehicles, auto tubes, off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc. 

Arabian Star’s product scope is economical and budget orientated, but unlike other labels, it presents some high-performance and extravagant radials.

Concentrating on a customer-centric approach, Arabian Star is one of the most significant tyre distributors in Dubai and exists all over the nation. Thus, we cater to a vast client base. Purchase tyres in mass proportions from Arabian Star – the best quality-assured products.

best tyre shops in Abu Dhabi
Car Tyre Shops in Abu Dhabi

A Price Range That Is Economical for all!

Arabian Star presents the highest range of products for your automobile and has significant location warehouses and premises prepared to bring your necessity at the best tyre manufacturers’ cost. Whilst we make daily cargoes of tyres, you could call us to discuss your requirements. 

Our principal purpose is to advise extensive customer service. Of course, the current range has broadened to acclimate additional budget choices, but on the whole, you get a preference for world-class value tyres at pretty reasonable prices. Contact us if you wish to know the car tyre price in Abu Dhabi.

For consumer or passenger vehicles, the scope of the tyre has some well-ordered, fantastic, and energy-efficient tyres, particularly ride-oriented ones, off-road-ready creations, and class-leading high-performance tyres created to satiate the enthusiast’s necessities. 

For two-wheelers, you obtain road-focused ones for scooters and motorcycles, off-road-ready tyres, and products for service on a high-end bike.

Arabian Star Suggest How to Prolong the Life of Your Tyre

Stepney or Spare Tyre

Full-sized surplus tyres or full-sized Stepney and building as the ground contacts tyre should be counted in the tyre rotation. And you should consistently inspect, make sure and adapt to the grandiosity pressure of the full-size spare when integrating it into a course.


By Rotation of the tyre

To attain uniform wear and maximize tread life, the most promising tyre manufacturers’ guidance rotation should be part of your routine tyre maintenance practice. Rotating the tyre frequently helps equalize the front the rear tyre and side-to-side wear speeds while improving wear classification and pattern noise, eventually preserving money and headaches.Tyre

Tyre Size

Every tyre size is cited on the tyre itself. Therefore, it is the best spot to start when purchasing tyres. Knowing this data will accurately notify you which size tyre fits on your ride and ensure you’re not palmed off with the incorrect ones.

Therefore, contact Arabian Star today if you wish to buy car tyres Abu Dhabi!

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